The Ball and Chain Restaurant is situated in the heart of historic Salamanca Place.

Construction of Salamanca Place and the Hobart wharf area commenced at the instigation of Governor Arthur in 1830 and took chain gangs of convicts some 18 months to complete. An amazing amount of land reclamation around the waterfront was undertaken, and even today none of the splendid buildings constructed during that time have ever shown fault with their foundations.

Number 87 Salamanca, the present-day site of the Ball and Chain, was originally called “Haig’s Store”, after the original owner, Captain Andrew Haig. It was used as offices by shipping agents dealing in wool, whale oil, foodstuffs, and grain stocks. In 1842, the building was sold to Mr. George Reid for 2000 pounds sterling. After more than a century, the Ball & Chain was established in 1970, changing hands only a small number of times in the following decades.

Today, the Ball & Chain is a popular, modern eating house, owned by Matthew and Craig, who both started working at the restaurant back in 1993. We are renowned for our steaks and local seafood, which are cooked on an authentic charcoal grill: a traditional cooking method using only charcoal – no gas or electricity – which results in a unique and exceptional flavour.

Our superb cuisine, casual atmosphere, and dedication to excellence are appreciated by both locals and tourists alike.