The quality of our food is second to none. How we cook it only enhances the flavour.

Our first responsibility daily is to prepare the grill. Using only charcoal (no gas or electricity) we monitor the flame and temperature to make sure there is a glowing, toasty chargrill ready to cook your choice to perfection. The results are unique flavour, beautiful texture and an eating experience exclusive to the Ball & Chain Grill.

Steaks are our specialty – we carefully choose and age our own meat mostly from local farms and suppliers. But that’s not all we do. Our fresh market seafood docks daily two minutes from our door, our poultry is free range to ensure quality and our vegetables are delivered to us from all corners of the state – Scottsdale to Dover and everywhere in between.

We know our suppliers by name, we know where they farm, fish and make and we put complete faith in the quality they deliver.

All our produce is cooked to order to ensure quality – it’s important to note that how you like your ‘doneness’ directly affects how long we need to cook it. We are unfortunately unable to take responsibility for issues with any steaks requested at more than medium.

Need help to decide how you’d like your steak cooked? You’re not alone, Click here for more.