Tasmanian Sparkling White

Glass Bottle
NV Spring Vale Salute Sparkling (East Coast) $47.00
NV 42 Degrees South (Coal River Valley) $44.00
NV Josef Chromy Pinot/Chardonnay (Relbia) $11.00 $48.00
Vintage Clover Hill (Pipers River) $78.00
Pooley Matilda Pinot Chardonnay (Coal River Valley) $83.00

Tasmanian White Wine

Ghost Rock Riesling (Devonport)  $10.00 $45.00
Stefano Lubiana Riesling (Granton) $46.00
Freycinet Riesling (East Coast) $46.00
Bream Creek Riesling (Bream Creek) $46.00
Bundaleera Riesling (Relbia) $44.00
Frogmore Creek FGR Riesling (Coal River) $41.00
Josef Chromy Sauvignon Blanc (Relbia) $9.50 $41.00
Pages Creek Sauvignon Blanc (Coal Valley) $44.00
Stefano Lubiana Sauvignon Blanc (Granton) Bio dynamic $50.00
Bay of Fires Pinot Gris $52.00
42 Degrees South Sauvignon Blanc (Cambridge) $38.50
Holm Oak Pinot Gris (Tamar Valley) $9.00 $39.00
42 Degrees South Pinot Grigio (Cambridge) $39.00
Gala Estate Pinot Gris (Cranbrook) $46.00
Emilia Wines Pinot Grigio (Spreyton) $38.00
Freycinet Louis Chardonnay (East Coast) $10.00 $47.00
Pepik Chardonnay (Relbia) $36.00
Freycinet Chardonnay (East Coast) $60.00

Tasmanian Red Wine

Bream Creek Pinot Noir (Bream Creek) $58.00
Springvale Melrose Pinot Noir ( East Coast) $10.00 $46.00
42 Degrees South Pinot Noir (Coal River) $45.00
Pipers Brook Estate Pinot Noir (Pipers River) $60.00
Josef Chromy Pinot Noir (Relbia) $54.00
Freycinet Louis Pinot Noir (East Coast) $58.00
Kelvedon Estate Pinot Noir (East Coast) $56.00
Milton Pinot Noir (East Coast) $56.00
Pepik Pinot Noir (Relbia) $39.00
Drew Pinot Noir (Coal River) $42.00
Cape Bernier Cabernet Merlot (Bream Creek) $53.00
Bream Creek Cabernet Merlot (Bream Creek) $53.00
Frogmore Creek Cabernet Merlot (Coal River) $48.00
Freycinet Cabernet Merlot (East Coast) $52.00
Holm Oak Cabernet Merlot (Tamar Valley)  $9.00 $39.00
Holm Oak Cabernet Sauvignon (Tamar Valley) $50.00
Grey Sands Merlot (Tamar Valley) $65.00
Clarence House Res. Cab Merlot (Cambridge)  $11.00 $53.00
Glen Ayr Shiraz (Coal River) $68.00
Waterton Shiraz (Tamar Valley) $64.00

White Wine

Glass  Bottle 

Sparkling White

NV Goose Island Pinot/Chardonnay (McLaren Vale) $7.50 $28.00
NV Leconfield Syn Cuvée Blanc (Coonawarra) $33.00
NV Skillogalee Riesling (Clare Valley) $46.00

Sparkling Red

Hanging Rock Macedon Rosé (Macedon) $55.50
Nv d’Arenberg Peppermint Peppermint Paddock Chambourcin (S.A) $49.00
Nv Leconfield Syn Rouge (Coonawarra/McLaren Vale) $33.00
Nv Grant Burge Shiraz Cabernet (Barossa) $46.00


Audrey Wilkinson Moscato (NSW) $33.50
Holm Oak Pig & d’Pooch Moscato (West Tamar) $35.50
Westend Richland Moscato (Griffith)  $7.50 $28.00


Best’s Great Western Riesling (Vic.) $42.00
Hamilton Watervale Riesling (McLaren Vale) $33.00
Riposte Scimitar Riesling (Clare Valley) $34.00
Skillogalee Riesling (Clare Valley)  $9.00 $39.00


d’Arenberg Olive Grove Chardonnay (McLaren Vale) $33.00
Hanging Rock Poppet Head Chardonnay (Macedon) $34.00
Stella Bella Chardonnay (Margaret River) $50.00

Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon & Blends

Babich Sauvignon Blanc (N.Z.) $8.50 $37.00
Shottesbrooke Sauvignon Blanc (McLaren Flat) $34.00
Tim Knappstein’s Riposte The Foil Sauvignon Blanc (Adelaide Hills) $34.00
Westend Richland Sauvignon Blanc (Griffith) $28.00
Dogpoint Sauvignon Blanc Section 94 (N.Z.) $52.00
Cullen Mangan Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (WA) $55.00
Skuttlebutt Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (Margaret R.)  $8.00 $33.00

Other White Varieties & Blends

Audrey Wilkinson Verdelho (Hunter Valley) $32.50
Cockfighter’s Ghost Semillon (Hunter Valley) $32.50
Coriole Chenin Blanc (McLaren Vale) $33.00
Milton Chenin Blanc (NZ) $46.00
d’Arenberg Hermit Crab Marsanne Viognier (McLaren Vale) $30.00
Skillogalee Gewurztraminer (Clare) $40.00
Witchmount Estate Pinot Gris (Rockbank) $44.00
Turners Crossing Viognier (Bendigo) $38.00

Red Wine

 Glass  Bottle

Pinot Noir & Rosé

Cirillo Grenache Rosé (Barossa) $33.00
Tom Foolery Cabernet Franc Rosé (Barossa) $8.50 $35.00
Mateus Rosé (Portugal) $23.40
Skillogalee Cabernet Malbec Rosé (Clare Valley) $34.00
Best’s Great Western Pinot Noir (Vic) $42.00
Cold Stream Hills Pinot Noir (Yarra Valley) $58.00
Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir (Central Otago) $53.00
Tim Knappstein’s Sabre Pinot Noir (Adelaide Hills) $54.00

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Blends

Hamilton Lot 148 Merlot (McLaren Vale) $35.00
Leconfield Merlot (Coonawarra) $38.00
Serafino Merlot (McLaren Vale) $41.00
Shottesbrooke Merlot (McLaren Vale)  $8.50 $35.00
Bethany Cabernet Merlot (Barossa) $38.00
Maxwell Little Demon Cabernet Merlot (McLaren Vale) $34.00
Stella Bella Cabernet Merlot (Margaret River) $40.00
Vasse Felix Cabernet Merlot (Margaret River) $44.00
d’Arenberg High Trellis Cabernet Sauvignon (McLaren Vale) $36.00
Dennis Cabernet Sauvignon (McLaren Vale) $38.00
Fox Creek Cabernet Sauvignon (McLaren Vale) $42.00
Hamilton Hut Block Cabernet Sauvignon (McLaren Vale) $35.00
Kirrihill VS Tullymore Cabernet Sauvignon (Clare Valley) $37.00
Longview Devil’s Elbow Cabernet Sauvignon (McLaren Vale)  $9.50 $42.00
Parker Terra Rossa Cabernet Sauvignon (Coonawarra) $49.00
Punt Road Cabernet Sauvignon (Yarra Valley) $43.00
Skillogalee The Cabernets (Clare Valley) $52.00


Best’s Great Western Bin 1 Shiraz (Vic) $42.00
Cirillo Shiraz (Barossa) $39.00
Coriole Shiraz (McLaren Vale) $46.50
d’Arenberg The Footbolt Shiraz (McLaren Vale) $35.00
Fox Creek Shiraz (McLaren Vale) $9.50 $42.00
Fowles Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Shiraz $48.00
Hamilton Shiraz (McLaren Vale) $35.00
Hanging Rock Cambrian Rise Shiraz (Macedon) $48.00
Brygon Reserve The Bruce Shiraz (Margaret River) $38.00
Leconfield Shiraz (McLaren Vale) $41.00
Longview Yakka Shiraz (Adelaide Hills) $38.00
Mitchell Peppertree Shiraz (Clare) $45.00
Mt Langi Cliff Edge Shiraz (VIC) $52.00
Pirramimma Katunga Shiraz (McLaren Vale) $37.00
Serafino Shiraz (McLaren Vale) $43.00
Skillogalee Shiraz (Clare) $49.00
Stella Bella Shiraz (Margaret River) $46.00
Tyrrells Rufus Stone Shiraz (Heathcote) $36.50
Two Hands Gnarly Dudes Shiraz (Barossa) $48.00
Zema Estate Shiraz (Coonawarra) $43.00
Woodstock Pilots View Shiraz (McLaren Vale) $46.00

Other Red Varieties & Blends

d’Arenberg Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier (McLaren Vale) $48.50
Woodstock Naughty Monty Montepulciano $41.00
Kalleske Durif (Barossa) $39.00
Teusner Joshua GMS (Barossa) $48.00
Leasingham bin 56 Cabernet Malbec (Clare Valley) $41.00
Pirramimma Katunga Grenache Tannat Shiraz (McLaren Vale) $41.00
Stella Bella Skuttlebutt Shiraz Cabernet (Margaret River) $33.00
Coriole Sangiovese (Mc Laren Vale) $36.90
Bruno & George Grenache (Barossa) $39.00
Cirillo The Vincent Grenache (Barossa) $34.00
D’Arenberg The Custodian Grenache (McLaren Vale) $36.00
Hentley Farm Grenache (Barossa) $55.00
Tomfoolery Cabernet Shiraz (Barossa)   $9.00 $41.00
Westend 3 Bridges Durif (Griffith) $38.50
Pintor Tempranillo (Barossa) $45.00
Kalleske Temranillo (Barossa) $40.00
Bethany Shiraz Cabernet (Barossa) $33.00
Wirra Wirra Church Block Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz, Merlot (MacLaren Vale) $41.00
Hentley Farm Stray Mongrel (Barossa) $40.00
Grenache Shiraz Zinfandel $40.00

Wines By The Glass

Nv Goose Island Pinot Chardonnay  $7.50 $28.00
Nv Josef Chromy Pinot Chardonnay Sparkling $11.00 $48.00
Nv Richland Moscato $7.50 $28.00

White Wine

Babich Sauvignon Blanc (NZ) $8.50 $36.00
Ghost Rock Riesling (Devonport)  $10.00 $46.00
Josef Chromy Sauvignon Blanc (Tas)  $9.50 $41.00
Skuttlebutt Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (WA)  $8.00 $33.00
Holm Oak Pinot Gris (Tas)  $9.00 $39.00
Freycinet Louis Chardonnay (Tas)  $10.00 $46.00
Skillogalee Riesling (SA)   $9.00 $39.00

Red Wine

Springvale Melrose Pinot Noir (East Coast) $10.00 $46.00
Tomfoolery Cabernet France Rosé (Barossa) $8.50 $35.00
Clarence House Reserve Cab Merlot (Cambridge)  $11.00 $53.00
Shottesbrooke Merlot (SA)  $8.50 $35.00
Tomfoolery Cab Shiraz (Barossa)
150ml  $9.00 $41.00
250ml  $13.50 $41.00
Long View Cabernet Sauvignon (Adelaide Hills)  $9.50 $42.00
Fox Creek Shiraz (McLaren Vale)  $9.50 $42.00
Schobers Estate Shiraz (Clare Valley)  $9.00 $40.00
Wynn’s The Banker Cab Sauv (Coonawarra)
150ml  $9.00 $40.00
250ml  $13.50 $40.00
Ball and Chain House White  $7.50 $28.00
Ball and Chain House Red  $7.50 $28.00